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Brink &Thomas Attorneys, Notaries, Conveyancers - specialists in Property Law, Litigation, Family Law and  Business Rescue


Brink&Thomas specialises in the following services:

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Property Law and Conveyancing

For the Seller, Brink&Thomas registers the transfer of properties from the drafting of the Deed of Sale to final registration in the Deeds Office. For the Purchaser we raise the necessary bond for property finance and as we are on the panel of all four main commercial banks we also register the bond. Remember that in Cape Town the Seller chooses the Attorneys who do the transfer and the Purchaser can propose the Attorneys used to register his bond. For developers we also do township registrations and associated notarial work.

Commercial Law and Civil Litigation

Brink&Thomas specialises in Commercial Law which includes the Drafting of Contracts and Business Plans and Company and Trust Registrations, and the purchasing or selling of Company shares. We also engage in Civil Litigation arising from business engagements in both the Lower and the High Courts.

Family Law and Divorce; Wills and Estates

We specialise in all aspects of Family Law including Antenuptual Contracts, Divorce and custody, and drafting Wills and the Winding Up of Estates. We are also qualified as professional mediators and practice as such either where mediation is mandatory or when it is in the best interests of the family to resolve matters using such technologies.

Business Rescue; Liquidations and Sequestrations

Brink&Thomas takes appointments as Liquidator, Trustee, Curator, or Reciever where we specialise in Liquidations and Sequestrations.

Other Services

We also offer other more general attorney services. Please feel free to enquire.